The Aerial Model CC5 is an extremely high-performance shielded 3-way loudspeaker designed for center channel use in the finest music and theater systems. It provides wide bandwidth and high output with exceptional speed and high dynamic capabilities. It can easily fill large rooms. Designed for use with all Aerial speakers, the Model CC5 is also suitable for use with many of the best loudspeakers from other manufacturers. The accurate response and the contol flexibility of the Model CC5 provide good matching with most relatively neutral front speakers.

The Model CC5 features an unusually high degree of control flexibility through its rear panel precision rotary switches. The Environment switch provides midrange / treble level adjustment for system matching, for room compensation, and especially for different installation environments such as on-stand, on-video monitor, and built-in custom mounting. The Slope switch selects between flat response and two levels of midrange/treble upward tilt. This provides compensation for system matching as well as for personal taste. The Environment and Slope switches may be used together to provide a broad range of tailored responses to fit most requirements.

The Model CC5 continues the design philosophy of other Aerial speakers - but taken to a higher level. The heavy cabinet is exceptionally inert, with thick walls and extreme bracing. The innovative midrange and massive woofers were developed specifically for the CC5 and LR5. They have extremely large shielded magnet structures and cast frames. The midrange driver is an exceptionally linear design with flat response to beyond 8KHz. The woofers have 2.0" diameter voice coils with more than 1.0" of linear stroke. The tweeter is a specially selected version of our custom titanium design with long linear motion and vented rear chamber. The crossover networks are large, occupying the entire back panel of the CC5. The resulting performance is extraordinary.

The standard finish is black ash. The model CC5 is also available in several beautifully finished veneers. Finish quality is unusually high. An optional adjustable height floor stand is available to match various screen heights and to provide the best performance.

Frequency Response 40 Hz to 22 kHz 2 dB
Sensitivity 86 dB at 2.83 volts and 1 meter
Impedance 4 Ohms nominal, 3 Ohms minimum
Power Requirements 100 to 500 Watts recommended
Drivers 2 x 9", 1 x 6", 1 x 1"
Crossovers 360 Hz & 2800 Hz
Dimensions 28.0" w x 9.8" h x 22.0" d
Weight 97lbs / 150lbs packed
Finishes Black Ash, Rose Walnut, Natural Cherry, Natural Maple, Santos Rosewood

Prices range from $4,000 to $4,500, depending on finish.
Optional speaker stand $700.

Detailed Pricelist

For more information, see the Aerial Acoustics product review page.


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