The Aerial Model SW12 is a very powerful yet relatively compact and musical subwoofer for use in the best music and home theater systems. It provides solid, quick, accurate bass flat to below 20 Hz. The woofer is a new 12.5" unit weighing 30 lbs. A huge magnet, 3" coil, and dual suspension move its strong aluminum cone linearly almost 2". Bass damping is electrically adjustable. A high quality, high-current 400 watt amplifier and a full-featured 2-channel crossover are provided. To reduce standing wave problems and provide custom response tailoring, a parametric equalizer is included. The heavy cabinet is extensively braced and has a 2" thick front. The IR remote control is machined from solid aluminum.

The SW12 system is extremely flexible. One SW12 provides satisfying high quality mono bass. Two SW12's produce more realistic stereo bass, higher levels, and better smoothness. Three SW12's add front / rear information and truly envelope the listener in bass. Large 4 or 5 channel systems are even more realistic and impressive. Unified hook-up and remote control are provided. An optional display / IR sensor is available for built-in systems.


SW12 Subwoofer
Model SW12 Subwoofer

Frequency Response Flat to below 20Hz
Woofer 12.5" (318 mm) diameter cast frame. Aluminum cone. Very large magnet. Dual suspension. 3" diameter 4-layer coil. Almost 2" of linear excursion
Power Amplifier 400 Watt, high current, fully symetrical, all discrete design. Less than 0.05% THD. Large toroid and power supply. Large heat sink.
Low Pass 30 Hz to 120 Hz continuously variable. 24 dB. 30 Hz is for Models 10T and Model 8
High Pass 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, and 100 Hz stepped. 6 or 12 dB selectable slopes
Remote Functions Power, volume, mute, reference setting, damping, EQ Filters Out, Display Off
Power Turn-On Modes Music-on/delayed-off. 12 VDC immediate on/off. IR Remote on/off
Connections 6 balanced & 6 RCA L/R inputs, outputs, and high pass outputs. Speaker level inputs via DIN jack and cable. 12 volt DC turn-on jack. DB-25 socket for automation or optional external display / IR sensor. 2 control signal relay jacks for multi-sub systems. Line cord socket
Sensitivity 100 mv balanced or single-ended for 400 W. 1 volt speaker-level input
Impedance 45k Ohms balanced. 10 kOhms single-ended. 1 kOhm speaker-level input
Cabinet MDF with 2" front. Extensive internal bracing. Front vent and display
Dimensions (hwd) 25.0" x 14.0" x 23.0" / 635mm x 356mm x 584mm. Rear heatsink adds 1.5" / 38mm depth
Weights 130 lbs / 59 kg. 170 lbs / 77 kg packed. Stands add 27lbs / 12kg
Finishes Smooth black, Rose Walnut, Natural Cherry, Maple, Santos Rosewood

Prices range from $5,500 to $5,500, depending on finish.
Optional subwoofer stand $400.

Detailed Pricelist

For more information, see the Aerial Acoustics product review page.


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