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Modern problems often require innovative solutions. For example, how does one recreate remarkable movie and music experiences at home without giving up precious living space to room-dominating loudspeakers? Let us introduce you to the Aerial SYSTEM 1.

SYSTEM 1 is an exceptionally capable multi-channel speaker system that surrounds large format video screens to form an integrated unit only twelve inches deep and barely wider than the screen itself. An impressive assemblage of audio technologies, SYSTEM 1 employs twenty-five custom-designed drivers within its high-performance left, center, and right channel loudspeakers and twin high-output subwoofers. Legendary Aerial performance is discreetly integrated within a slender, unobtrusive unit.

Its modular design allows SYSTEM 1 to accommodate video screens of different sizes, types and aspect ratios. Whether your screen has an HDTV 16×9 or CinemaScope 2.35:1 aspect ratio, is flat or curved, or incorporates variable masking, each SYSTEM 1 includes everything required to create an assembly seemingly tailor-made to your specifications. What’s more, unlike completely customized built-in systems, the adaptable SYSTEM 1 can be moved to a different space or re-sized for a different screen.

A neutral aesthetic design allows the SYSTEM 1 to blend with any décor. Equally important, it does not compete for the eye’s attention to images on the screen.

For all its practicality, the SYSTEM 1 provides a decidedly emotional experience. Its personality is lifelike and dynamically expressive, with a clear and natural midrange voice, airy extended upper frequencies, and powerful extended bass. Both music and film soundtracks are rendered in an inviting, engaging, and thoroughly enjoyable way.

The Aerial SYSTEM 1. It’s that simple.

Design Pedigree

Aerial has been refining two-channel and multi-channel acoustic systems since its inception more than 15 years ago. In fact, decades of loudspeaker design experience are lavished upon every one of our products. From our very first award-winning Model 10T to our current and highly-acclaimed Model 20T reference loudspeaker, Aerial systems are widely recognized for their satisfying sonic performance and impeccable construction quality.

SYSTEM 1 is every bit an Aerial composition. Thoughtful attention to detail has been applied to every aspect of the system. The acoustic design of its left, center and right loudspeaker modules is derived from our award-winning two-channel designs. The twin high-output subwoofers benefit from our experience with the remarkable Model SW12. Its slim, modular components and semi-custom grille assemblies integrate seamlessly with video screens of widely variable dimensions with minimal intrusion into a living space.

Modular, Expandable, and 12" Thin

The key to SYSTEM 1’s practicality lies in its modular, expandable design. Projection video screens are available in many types and sizes and are often customized to fit individual requirements.

Choices include: fixed or variable masking systems, drop-down or fixed screen designs, larger or smaller screen sizes selected for specific room dimensions and viewing distances, and native aspect ratios from HDTV 16×9 (1.78:1) to CinemaScope 2.40:1. How, then, does one go about designing an integrated audio system that accommodates widely variable screen dimensions without creating a one-of-a-kind solution for each situation? SYSTEM 1 solves the puzzle. Its slim, uniform-depth loudspeaker modules are designed to surround the video screen, while semicustom spacer components, connecting hardware, and grille assemblies fill the gaps and tie everything together creating an integrated system that appears tailor-made. Differing screen frame constructions are accommodated by four screen mount methods engineered specifically for SYSTEM 1. Remarkably, all of this is accomplished while maintaining a 12" system depth.

High-performance Loudspeaker Modules

Closely related to the acclaimed Aerial Model 9, the SYSTEM 1’s Left, Center, and Right channel loudspeaker modules share their sibling’s pedigree. Each loudspeaker contains four long-stroke 7.1" woofer drivers providing greater radiating area than that of a 15" driver, and with far superior control, responsiveness and power handling capacity. Twin 6" midrange units combine tonal naturalness with high resolution and low dynamic compression. Aerial’s exclusive 1" titanium dome tweeter supplies remarkably smooth, clear, extended treble. Response has been optimized for near-wall locations and to blend particularly well with the system’s subwoofers. Also, with an efficiency of 92dB, the left, center, and right loudspeakers can be driven to high output levels without requiring massive power.

At the foundation of SYTEM 1 lie twin active subwoofer modules incorporating four 10.6" long-stroke drivers in rigid cast aluminum frames. Their stiff yet lightweight Kevlar®-Nomex® composite cones are driven by massive motor systems which feature oversized 4-layer high-temperature voice coils and high-gauss magnet structures. Together, these impressive drivers provide more air moving capacity than two 15" woofers and with far greater control, responsiveness, and power handling capacity.

Two dedicated outboard electronics units combine high-output amplifiers with precision crossover filters and system-specific equalization. With their massive power supplies and a generous array of output devices, each amplifier generates more than 600 watts of continuous power with ample dynamic headroom for extended signal peaks. Their carefully crafted discrete circuit design is fully balanced resulting in outstanding response and exceptionally low noise. Precision high- and low-pass filter networks are provided, as are other valuable controls. Very compact given their 46 pounds, each chassis is a mere 11" deep. Recessed input/output terminals and a thermally efficient design allow placement either below the center channel or comfortably in an equipment rack.

  • Screen Compatibility:
    From 100" diagonal 1.78:1 (16x9) and up
    1.78:1, 2.35:1 and 2.40:1 native aspect ratios
    Fixed or variable masking. Flat or curved surface. Drop or fixed designs
    Four methods available for mounting virtually any screen type
    50.6" minimum screen frame height
    93.6" minimum screen frame width
  • System Configurations:
    Standard configurations fitting many common Stewart® screens
    Custom configurations possible at additional cost and lead time
  • Optional Base Kit: Rigid sand-filled steel with adjustable spikes or feet Surround Channel Options: Complete Aerial 5.2 to 7.4 channel configurations available Monopole, dipole, and bipole radiating patterns On-wall, on-ceiling, in-cabinet, and in-room styles
  • System Dimensions: Width: Screen frame +17.5" (445mm), 111" (2819mm) minimum
  • Height: Screen frame +23.0" (584mm), 74" (1880mm) minimum
  • Depth: 12" (305mm) all configurations
  • Optional Base: Adds 2" (51mm) projection and 2½" (64mm) height
Prices range from $1,500.00 to $27,500.00 depending on if ordering the entire system or individual components.

For pricing information please refer to the Aerial Acoustics Detailed Pricelist.

For more information, see the Aerial Acoustics product review page.


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