RF DA Distribution Amplifier

Designed for field and film use the RF DA is a compact, active distribution amplifier for antenna and DC of UHF wireless. It boasts a bandwidth of 200 MHz (500-700 MHz) with very good RF filtering above 700 MHz and below 500 MHz to reduce the risk of interference from 4G at the higher frequency end. There are two antenna inputs on the top panel. Each antenna input feeds 4 x SMA outputs. Each output has a gain of approx. 2-3 dB. Switchable 8V DC supply for Audio's Masthead Amplifier. Hirose 4-pin DC Input and Hirose 4-pin DC sockets to power receivers and mixers.


Compact RF Distribution Amplifier for multiple receivers made by Audio Ltd. or other brands like Lectrosonics. High quality 200mm length SMA-SMA jumper cables are available to connect antennas and receivers to the RF DA.


The RF DA is externally powered via a 4-pin Hirose socket. Auxiliary 4-pin Hirose sockets allow other equipment to be powered via the unit. DC Range is 12-18V. Also includes Switchable 8V DC supply for Masthead amplifier.


  • 200 MHz bandwidth
  • 500 - 700 MHz operating range
  • Compatible with UHF Wireless
  • 4 x SMA outputs per side
  • Built-in Active RF distribution, each SMA yeilds 2-3 dB gain
  • Powered by External 12-18V DC via Hirose 4
  • Switchable Auxiliary 4-pin Hirose sockets allow other equipment to be powered via the unit
  • Switchable 8V DC supply for Masthead amplifier
  • SMA Antenna connections
  • Dimensions: Compact aluminum housing: 8」 x 4.25」 x 1」
  • Made in the UK
RF DA, RF Distribution Amplifier with Integrated DC Distribution, Frequency Range 500-700 MHz, DC input range 12-18V DC, Switchable 8V DC supply for Masthead amplifier, Compact aluminum housing: 8" x 4.25" x 1"
SMA-SMA cable, 200mm length, short jumper antenna cables for RF DA.

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