En2 Series Wireless

DX True Diversity Receiver

The DX is the world’s smallest battery powered True Diversity UHF wireless receiver. Designed for universal use in all segments of field production sound offering crystal clear sound, stellar True Diversity RF range, spectrum analyzer table scanning and up to 40 MHz switching bandwidth.

What is 'true diversity'?

Most manufacturers offer ‘diversity receivers’ with two antennae connected to only a single receiver. Signal switching takes place between the antennae (at rf level) which means there is often an audible ‘click’ on the recorded sound as the signal being delivered to the receiver is momentarily interrupted during switching. With the true diversity DX, that problem doesn’t happen since switching takes place between the two receivers at the audio frequency level with no interruption of signal.


The Menu uses a blue Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) display which is extremely clear yet consumes very little power. All parameters set by scrolling the wheel on the top of each unit to the left or right and pressing the wheel down to set the desired value.


The receiver output and External DC are via a durable Binder™ 7-pin locking connector. We offer a selection of cables to balanced XLR with DC connections for use with popular battery distribution systems. Binder™ is a top quality audio connector brand manufactured in Germany


Powered by a single 1.5V AA type battery which provides up to 3 hours continuous use. External 6-18V DC is connected via the Binder 7-pin connector.


  • up to 40 MHz Switching bandwidth in 25 kHz steps
  • 512 - 572 MHz and 614 - 694 MHz operating ranges - via 4 frequency blocks
  • Compatible with En2 TXPH and miniTX transmitters
  • True Diversity
  • Scan for open frequency or for Transmitter
  • Table Scan with Spectrum Analyzer type display in 200kHz steps
  • Menu system driven by OLED display and 3-position navigation wheel
  • Output: adjustable Line Level output or Headphone driver with attenuator
  • Use as bullet-proof Diversity IFB receiver in Headphone mode (requires 3.5mm receptacle cable adaptor)
  • 7-pin Binder™ locking connector for output cables w/ or w/out External DC
  • Powered by Single AA or 6-18V External DC via 7-pin Binder™, 120mA @ 12V
  • 32 factory preset frequencies available
  • 32 user selected frequencies in 25 kHz steps can be stored
  • Made in the UK
DX, up to 40 MHz Switching Bandwidth, includes (2) antenna and wire clip
DX Compact True Diversity Receiver, Binder™ 7-pin output, Frequency Range F1 512-542 MHz
DX Compact True Diversity Receiver, Binder™ 7-pin output, Frequency Range F2 542-572 MHz
DX Compact True Diversity Receiver, Binder™ 7-pin output, Frequency Range F3 614-654 MHz
DX Compact True Diversity Receiver, Binder™ 7-pin output, Frequency Range F4 654-694 MHz

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