En2 PTX2040 Plug-On Transmitter

Ergonomically designed to look good and sound great

The PTX is a compact, fully featured transmitter designed to connect neatly to any dynamic or condenser microphone equipped with a standard balanced XLR and turn it into a wireless handheld microphone. Connection is via an industry standard Neutrik three pin XLR and an integral locking ring ensures that the connection is always secure. The PTX is designed in a unique trilobular shape which means, on camera, it will look compatible with modern slimline mics. Its low weight and profile also make it ideal for use with a boom pole or as part of a discreet microphone set up which needs to be hidden on set. There is no trailing antenna either – the PTX's antenna is built into its robust aluminium body. It can be supplied with up to 80 MHz switching bandwidth (the equivalent of 10 TV channels in Europe and 13 TV channels in the US) and programmable with up to 10 frequency tables – giving it enormous flexibility anywhere in the world. There are two output power settings – low (25mW) and high (50mW) – ensuring a continuously good RF link with any En2 receiver while in use. The PTX is fully compatible with both CX2 slot-in camera receivers and with all other receivers in the En2 range.

Easy Operation

Like all products in the En2 range, the PTX is simple to set up and easy to operate. The menu system is accessed using a recessed scrolling navigation switch on the bottom of the unit. The high resolution OLED display is clearly readable from a distance and in a variety of light conditions but, to avoid becoming a distraction, can be switched off when in use (as can the power LED). The display can be custom configured to read both from the left and from the right and the on/off button can also be configured to function as an instant, one-touch mute button.


When powered by 2 AA alkaline batteries, the PTX, gives a minimum of five hours continuous use on 48 volt phantom powering and up to nine hours use with a dynamic mic. Batteries are inserted in an easy-to-access compartment via a secure, recessed and latched cover.

Easy set up menus

This unit is set up using a series of menus which are viewed in the OLED display. You are guided through the set up by a series of easy-to-read symbols and all parameters are selected using three buttons on the unit's front panel. It's so straightforward you won't need any further written instructions from us.

OLED menu driven displays

This unit has an organic light emitting diode (OLED) display which is extremely clear yet consumes very little power. The screen shows all the important information you need to monitor the system when in use and also displays the En2』s unique easy set-up menu.

PTX2040 Plug-On Transmitter, XLR 3-pin, +48V phantom power, Specify Frequency range up to 40 MHz between 470-698 MHz.

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