En2 Series Wireless

The En2 “Envoy” Series is a full range of field production UHF wireless products from top of the line UK wireless manufacturer Audio, Ltd. A successor to their original “Envoy Blue” series of ENG and camera-slot UHF wireless units, the En2 range offers a host of modern features at a very competitive price point. Have no fear - these units deliver crystal clear sound with no compromise in RF performance for discerning field production audio professionals.

In an age of shrinking allowable frequency bands and clogged airwaves En2 products offer switching bandwidth up to 40 MHz and even 80 MHz on select models. Robust and clever manufacturing techniques provide for products that are incredibly user friendly and astonishing compact and lightweight.

En2 is made up of three transmitters and four receivers to cover all areas of professional field production wireless applications at a high level of performance and sound quality. The OLED powered menus are as intuitive and simple as it gets to use - virtually no instructions are needed to get up and running with these units. Parameter changes take at most a couple of seconds to adjust.


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