ADC1 2-Channel 24-bit 192kHz A/D Converter

ADC1 Analog-to-Digital Converter, front view

The ADC1 is a 2-channel 24-bit 192kHz A/D converter designed for the most demanding professional audio recording applications. The half-wide unit can be installed in a 1RU space with a second ADC1, a blank panel, or another half-wide unit such as the Benchmark DAC1.

The exclusive UltraLock(tm) circuit provides jitter-free performance while automatically locking to any incoming clock source including word clock, super clock, and AES. The front-panel gain controls make it easy to adjust input levels, while the 9-segment full-digital meters clearly and accurately display all transient events to help the user avoid clipping. The optical output supports both AES and ADAT formats (including ADAT SMUX) providing maximum flexibility. The separate, fully-independent auxiliary output can follow the main output, or be used to feed a second recording device at a lower resolution.

ADC1 Analog-to-Digital Converter, back view
Price: $1,595.00


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