Unmask Your Audio™ with the PRE420 - a remarkable four-channel microphone preamplifier with an integrated stereo mix bus and stereo/mono solo bus in a sleek, 1RU chassis.

What makes one mic-pre superior to the others? Even high-end preamplifiers can mask subtle details because of intermodulation distortion, a symptom of RF interference and non-linear performance at ultra-sonic frequencies. The PRE420's innovative circuitry provides ultra-low distortion over a 500kHz bandwidth while maintaining RF-immunity in the most demanding environments.

The PRE420 is equipped with Benchmark's exclusive CMF1™ RF-filter. The CMF1™ has been extensively tested and proven in Benchmark's MPS mic-pre series by experienced studio and remote recording engineers in heavy RF fields - such as venues in close proximity to broadcast antennas. This RF-immunity is coupled with ultra-low distortion performance at high frequencies beyond the reach of most mic-pres, giving your audio remarkable realism. With amazingly low THD+N of 0.00024% (see specs), we welcome you to compare the PRE420's performance specifications with any other mic pre available.

Benchmark's proprietary MirrorPan™ circuitry minimizes distortion while ensuring constant-power panning with pin-point precision. MirrorPan's™ innovative mirrored-circuitry, from which the name is derived, eliminates the non-linear distortion caused by potentiometer wiper-current. The result is excellent channel seperation and remarkably accurate imaging. The center-detent position is factory calibrated for precise center-placement.

An elegant and completely unique feature set complements the uncompromised sonic integrity of the PRE420. A solo section allows monitoring of any channel or combination of channels (with switchable stereo/mono) via control room XLR outputs and the integrated HPA2™ - Benchmark's signature high-current, 0-Ohm headphone amplifier. The PRE420's main mix bus XLR outputs are monitored via a dual, variable-intensity signal- level meter and peak-warning indicator*. Each of the four-channels has an independent direct XLR output, a variable-intensity signal-level meter and peak-warning indicator*, and MirrorPan™ control. Each channel features a precisely-matched 41-position first-stage gain control, factory-preset to a maximium gain of 60dB (internally adjustable up to 70dB for special applications).

The convenient flexibility of these unique features in no way compromises the pristine audio path. The PRE420's RF-immune, wide-bandwidth circuitry faithfully delivers stunningly high resolution to all direct, stereo, control room, and headphone outputs.

* All 'over-warning' red LEDs are factory-calibrated to +24dBu, but may be adjusted to other desired signal levels based on the studio's metering practices.

Summary of Features
  • Ultra-low noise/distortion: (THD+N @ 22dB Gain 10Hz-20kHz = 0.00027%)
  • RF-immune, wide bandwidth (500kHz)
  • Stereo mix bus and isolated stereo/mono solo bus
  • MirrorPan™ – Benchmark's proprietary zero-distortion, constant-power panning technology
  • 4 direct XLR outputs, 2 control room XLR outputs, and 2 stereo XLR outputs HPA2™ – Benchmark's signature high-current, 0-Ohm headphone amplifier with convenient, switchable-mute control room output on headphone insertion.
  • Adjustable peak warning indicator and variable intensity signal level meter on each channel and mix bus
  • Independently switchable +48V phantom power, 40 Hz switchable high-pass filter, and -20dB pad.
Inputs / Outputs
4 Balanced Microphone Inputs, XLR type
9 Balanced Outputs
4 Direct Outputs, XLR type
2 Stereo Ouputs, XLR type
1 Control Room Output, XLR type
1 Headphone Output, 1/4" TRS
THD+N at 22dB Gain, 10Hz-20kHz, +27dBu Out: 0.00024% (-112dB, 2.4PPM)
THD+N at 35dB Gain, 10Hz-20kHz, +27dBu Out: 0.0003% (-110dB, 3PPM)
THD+N at 55dB Gain, 10Hz-20kHz, +27dBu Out: 0.00085% (-101dB, 8.5PPM)
Minimum Gain: 22dB
Maximum Gain: 60dB
Maximum Gain (On Request): 70dB
Pad: -20dB
EIN at 60dB Gain, 20Hz-30kHz, Inputs Common: -132dBu
EIN at 60dB Gain, 20Hz-30kHz, 40Ω: -129dBu
EIN at 60dB Gain, 20Hz-30kHz, 150Ω: -126dBu
EIN at 60dB Gain, 20Hz-20kHz, Inputs Common: -133.5dBu
EIN at 60dB Gain, 20Hz-20kHz, 40Ω: -131dBu
EIN at 60dB Gain, 20Hz-20kHz, 150Ω: -128dBu
HPA2™ Headphone Outputs
Output Impedance: 0Ω
Output Level Control: Stereo Control on Front Panel
Output Level Range (at 0 dBFS) into 60 Ω Load: Off to +21 dBu
1 Rack Unit Wide, 1 Rack Unit High
Depth behind front panel: 11.75" (298.5mm)
Overall depth including connectors (without power cord): 12.625" (320.7mm)
Width: 17.5" (444.5mm)
Height: 1.725" (43.8mm)

Price: $2,795.00


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