Aeons ago, Posthorn's proprietor, Jerry Bruck, decided to augment his recording activities by introducing noteworthy audio equipment that he uses and trusts to discerning studio and location sound recordists.

Over the years, he has put together an unusual ensemble of products, selected with an eye on to function and an ear for quality. What gives it the "value added" aspect comes from Jerry's first-hand knowledge and experience with the products he endorses.


For more than a quarter-century, Posthorn Recordings represented SCHOEPS condenser microphones in the United States, bringing them to the attention of professional users. In time they were joined by SONOTRIM® electret lavalier microphones, ideally suited for wireless applications. The most recent addition to the top rank of products Posthorn represents is STABILANT 22 Metal-contact Enhancers, stereo and surround spacebars by GRACE DESIGN, and the “Williams Star” surround and "twisted quad" microphone rigs. Books by Ron Streicher and Michael Williams have since been added.

Among the types of equipment supplied by Posthorn are mixers and microphone preamplifiers from BENCHMARK, MILLENNIA, SONOSAX, and SOUND DEVICES; wireless microphones from AUDIO LTD. and LECTROSONICS, K-Tek microphone mounts and fishpoles, K&M microphone stands, booms, and adapters, and RYCOTE InVision microphone mounts and windshields. Complementing this array are selected products from AERIAL, ATS, DENECKE, FURMAN, MacARTHUR, RIP-TIE, REMOTE AUDIO, SABRA-SOM, WAVES, the "WILLIAMS STAR" setup and ZTS.

Posthorn's PRODUCT LISTING and PRODUCT INDEX will link you to descriptive and technical information on any of the above items.

Specific issues and questions may be addressed by email or through direct phone contact with Jerry Bruck. He will be pleased to answer your questions, discuss your needs and arrange for shipment when you are ready to order.

Professional Profile

Jerry Bruck was born in 1935 in St. Louis, Missouri. Despite an early interest in chemistry, pyrotechnics and radioactive materials, he reached college age with only minor injuries.

A prudent shift of interest to electronics and recording technology, whetted by a consuming passion for classical music, brought him to KCFM, that city's first commercial "good music" station. He played Musical Chairs as Staff Engineer, Chief Announcer, and Program Director, until Muzak supplanted Mahler*. He then decamped to New York City and joined WBAI-FM in 1961. In 1963 his pioneering late-night program "Oddenda" was taken off the air for being "in bad taste." Now faced with the spectre of unemployment, he abandoned the airwaves to nurture his growing free-lance recording career.

As his credits for film and video sound accumulated, Jerry joined the AES (Audio Engineering Society). He has twice served as a Governor of the Society, chaired its 91st Convention, and was three times elected Chairman of its New York Section (for which he now serves as Advisor). In 1999 he received an AES Fellowship Award in recognition of his contributions to the field of audio engineering.

Most recently he conceived and developed a "Purist's Surround Sound System," microphone system, a dual-M/S adaptation of the "KFM" sphere microphone pioneered by Dr. Gunter Theile of the German "IRT" in Munich. Its commercial implementation is known as the "KFM 360 Surround Microphone System, by Bruck," and is currently marketed by German-based Schoeps Schalltechnik.

Jerry still hopes to become rich and famous someday, but is getting tired of waiting...


*Gustav Mahler is something of a Deity in the Bruck household. The "Posthorn" cited in the business name refers to Mahler's particular use of that instrument in his Third Symphony. Those curious enough to venture further into Jerry's personal obsession are invited to tiptoe through the looking-glass and explore "In Touch with Mahler."


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