• 256 synthesized UHF frequencies
  • 100 mW output power
  • DSP controlled dual envelope input limiter
  • DSP emulations for analog compatibility
  • Servo bias input preamp
  • DSP based pilot-tone signal
  • Circulator/Isolator output stage
  • Adjustable low frequency roll-off
Digital Hybrid Wireless® UHF Belt Pack Transmitter. The UM400A implements the latest Digital Hybrid Wireless® technology in a classic Lectrosonics belt-pack transmitter.

A 5-pin input jack provides taps for low impedance dynamic mics, electret lavalier mics with positive or negative bias and line level inputs.

Input gain is adjustable over a 43 dB range to perfectly match the audio input level for optimum modulation, minimum distortion and maximum signal to noise ratio. Input levels are accurately indicated by two LEDs on the control panel.

The innovative servo bias input on the standard 5-pin connector provides a programmable, regulated voltage to accommodate a wide variety of electret microphones.

Price: $1,275.00
UM400A + UCR401
UM400A Transmitter & UCR401 Receiver
Price: $2,574.00
UM400A + UCR411A
UM400A Transmitter & UCR411A Receiver
Price: $2,980.00

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