Stereo Extended Ball Gags (XBG) offer a unique and highly effective solution for *compact* condenser microphone M/S Stereo arrays requiring wind protection and maximum shock isolation. The wind attenuation properties and suspension performance are the maximum in a much shorter and lighter package than a standard Stereo Windshield.

Typically a Stereo XBG will be used with these compact microphones using a directional pattern combined with a Figure-eight for M/S Stereo: Schoeps CCM_L (Lemo), Sennheiser MKH8000 with MZL Cables and Neumann KM100 Series with LC 3 KA cables.

The necessary components in use are the Stereo XBG Suspension, Stereo XBG Windshield and Stereo XBG Windjammer fur cover. A Stereo XBG Windjammer Hi-Wind Cover is also available. The diameter of the windshield is 145mm - an ideal diameter for providing the proper volume of still air around the mics for superb wind attenuation performance. The body length is 55mm and also identified by Rycote as Stereo AC. The included boom adaptor of the XBG Suspension also includes an XLR adaptor to hold the XLR cable mating connection when using an optional Connbox 7 (for 2 x Schoeps CCM_Lemo).

Mono suspension
Mono Suspension

Mono (4"/100 mm diameter):  
  • Suspension with Boom Mount
  • $269
  • CB5 ConnBox for CCM--
  • $189
  • Windscreen
  • $239
  • WindJammer
  • $139
         Mono Extended Ball Gag $836
    Special M-S (Mid-Side Stereo Option for 4"/100 mm Ball Gag):  
  • Suspension with Boom Mount
  • $275
  • CB6 ConnBox for CCMs
  • $329
  • Windscreen
  • $279
  • WindJammer
  • $195
         M-S Stereo 4"/100mm Ball Gag $1,078
    *Pistol Grip optional  
  • Hi-Wind Cover
  • $70
  • Supplemental Pistol Grip or Boom Mount
  • $45

    Stereo X-Ball Gag Susp
    M-S Stereo Suspension
    X-Y Mount
    X-Y Stereo Suspension
    Stereo (5.5"/140 mm diameter):  M-S  M-S & X/Y
  • M-S Suspension with boom mount*
  • $245 $245
  • M-S-X/Y Insert for M-S Suspension
  •  - $235
  • CB7 ConnBox for 2x CCM--
  • $329 $329
  • Windscreen
  • $255 $255
  • WindJammer
  • $175 $175
         Stereo Extended Ball Gag $1004  $1239
    *Pistol Grip optional
  • Hi-Wind Cover
  • $62
  • Supplemental Pistol Grip or Boom Mount
  • $45

    Individual Components

    Model Description Price
    040215 Stereo Extended Suspension - Hoop with Back to Back stereo Clip with silicone bands, For compact mic M/S pairs $275.00



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