Softies and Softies Lyre Mounts


Softies are made in six different lengths with three hole sizes to fit a wide variety of microphones. They are a cost-effective alternative to the classic Windshield-WindJammer-Suspension-ConnBox combination. Softies are designed for quick push-on pull-off ENG-style use in the field without sacrificing most of the wind protection offered by the modular system. Additional wind protection is possible with the Softie WindJammer accessory. The microphone is suspended in a rubber jacket, and held with either a Pistol Grip or a Boom Mount.

Elements of a possible setup for the Schoeps Colette System are shown below. Similar setups are available in the same price range for most popular shotgun and stereo "point-source" microphones.

Softie length:
     5 cm
     12 cm
Pistol-Grip or Boom Mount
Sofite WindJammer
Complete Softie Setup:
Supplemental Pistol Grip or Boom Mount
Softie Windshield Front Only
Order Code Description Price
Standard Hole (0.75” to 0.87”)
033012 5cm Standard Hole Softie $95.00
033022 10cm Standard Hole Softie $95.00
033032 12cm Standard Hole Softie $95.00
033042 14cm Standard Hole Softie $95.00
033052 18cm Standard Hole Softie $95.00
033062 21cm Standard Hole Softie $120.00
033072 24cm Standard Hole Softie $120.00
033082 29cm Standard Hole Softie $120.00
033092 32cm Standard Hole Softie $120.00
Large Hole (0.94” to 1.00”)
033013 5cm Large Hole Softie
033023 10cm Large Hole Softie $95.00
033033 12cm Large Hole Softie $95.00
033043 14cm Large Hole Softie $95.00
033053 18cm Large Hole Softie $95.00
033063 21cm Large Hole Softie $120.00
033073 24cm Large Hole Softie $120.00
033083 29cm Large Hole Softie $120.00
033093 32cm Large Hole Softie $120.00
Softie Windjammers
Order Code Description Price
021701 5cm Softie Windjammer $118.00
021702 10cm Softie Windjammer
021703 12cm Softie Windjammer $118.00
021704 14cm Softie Windjammer $118.00
021705 18cm Softie Windjammer $118.00
021706 24cm Softie Windjammer $118.00
021707 29cm Softie Windjammer $118.00
021708 32cm Softie Windjammer $118.00
Softie Kits - Softie with Lyre Mount & Handle
Suitable for mics which will be predominately hand-held, but with a 3/8 female thread for mounting on a boom pole. The Softie kit combines both the Softie Windshield and the Softie Lyre Mount. To provide both wind protection and shock mounting for your microphone.
Order Code Description Price
033332 12cm Standard Hole w/ Mount & PG Handle $199.00
033342 14cm Standard Hole w/ Mount & PG Handle $199.00
033352 18cm Standard Hole w/ Mount & PG Handle $199.00
033353 18cm Large Hole w/ Mount & PG Handle $199.00
037324 Softie Lyre Mount with Mic Holder Replacement, includes mounting screws $89.00
033304 AV Softie Windshield Kit, Includes 14cm Softie Windshield, InVision INV-7 HG mkIII shockmount, Extension Handle and 3/8" Hotshoe Adaptor (for Sennheiser MKE600, Rode NTG1, NTG2, Audio Technica AT897 and more) $195.95


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