The new lavalier WindJammer, the Furry, is designed to be used on lavalier microphones worn on the outside of clothing.

To ensure a proper fit, Rycote has included an internal foam insert. The internal foam is designed to hold many popular-sized lavaliers and also to provide the air space required to make the WindJammer effective. In some instances, you may prefer to use the foam or metal windscreen that came with your lavalier. Simply remove the supplied foam and insert the microphone with the original factory windscreen into the WindJammer.

The Furry uses short WindJammer material with an elastic bottom. A Rycote label on the opening provides a quick and easy method for inserting or removing the microphone. In use, the label may be turned behind or tucked into the Furry to allow the synthetic fur to better blend into the surrounding clothing.

The Furry is a fast, effective solution to avoid wind noise with lavalier microphones.
Furrys come two to a package with four foam inserts. They are available with white, gray, or black fur.
Code Item Description Price
065564 Lavalier Windjammer®, Single, Green $25.00
065561 Lavalier Windjammer®, Pair, Green $50.00
065565 Lavalier Windjammer®, Single, Red $25.00
065562 Lavalier Windjammer®, Pair, Red $50.00
065566 Lavalier Windjammer®, Single, Blue $25.00
065563 Lavalier Windjammer®, Pair, Blue $50.00
065501 Rycote Lavalier Windjammer - Black, Pair $50.00
065502 Rycote Lavalier Windjammer - Gray, Pair $50.00
065503 Rycote Lavalier Windjammer - White, Pair $50.00
065555 Ristretto Low-profile Lavalier Windjammer - Black, Single $25.00
065556 Ristretto Low-profile Lavalier Windjammer - Gray, Single $25.00
065557 Ristretto Low-profile Lavalier Windjammer - White, Single $25.00
065552 Ristretto Low-profile Lavalier Windjammer - Black, Pair $50.00
065553 Ristretto Low-profile Lavalier Windjammer - Gray, Pair $50.00
065554 Ristretto Low-profile Lavalier Windjammer - White, Pair $50.00
065542 Lavalier Windjammer®, Single, Camouflage  $25.00
065537 Lavalier Windjammer®, Single, Regal RED  $25.00
065538 Lavalier Windjammer®, Single, Malt BROWN  $25.00
065535 Lavalier Windjammer®, Single, Cobalt BLUE  $25.00
065536 Lavalier Windjammer®, Single, China BLUE  $25.00
065540 Lavalier Windjammer®, Single, Bottle GREEN  $25.00
065541 Lavalier Windjammer®, Single, Emerald GREEN  $25.00
065539 Lavalier Windjammer®, Single, Sylvan GREEN  $25.00
065544 Lavalier Windjammer®, Single Monsanto GOLD $25.00


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