• best quality speech transmission
  • high suppression of environmental noise due to the proximity effect and extremely close pickup
  • high resistance to popping

HCCM 4 DT 190


The HS 4VXS is a headset microphone for mounting to Beyer headphones of the DT 100 series (for example VXS Lg). Other headphones are also suitable. The HS 4VXS consists of:

- the compact microphone CCM 4 VXS Lg (cardioid for extremely close pickup)
- a mounting plate with a fixed-angle bent tube microphone mount
- a foam-type popscreen B 5 (also the small foam cover B 1 can be used)

The HS 4VXS was developed in collaboration with sound engineers of a TV station who demanded the highest quality sound transmission even under the extreme conditions of Formula-1 motor races. A closed-back headphone type has been chosen in order to shield the speaker from environmental noise. This headset microphone has been designed for much higher sound quality than is available from typical subminiature microphones. The first users of the HS 4VXS were willing to accept a higher weight in order to achieve the highest sound quality.

The microphone has a substantial bass roll-off and a slight high-frequency boost. It is designed for lateral pickup close close to and immediately in front of the speaker's mouth. Its bass roll-off is compensated by the close pickup (proximity effect). Thus, except for the high-frequency boost, the microphone has a flat frequency response for the speaker while it has a severe bass roll-off for all sound coming from a greater distance. This attenuates the transmission of background noise when compared to the speaker's voice.

The HS 4VXS can be easily mounted to either the left or right side of the headphones. Since the cable may be subjected to mechanical stress during use, it is connected by way of a Lemo plug. This allows the cable to be replaced easily if it should break. The microphone should be protected against popping by a small standard foam-type windscreen such as the B 5 or the B 1. This is recommended also for hygienic reasons. Instead of the cardioid CCM 4 VXSL, the CCM 2 SL (omni with slight high-frequency boost) can also be used. The bent tube is also available separately, and bears the type designation HB-L.


HCCM 4 DT 190
Components of the HS 4VXS

For mounting, the cap at the headphone is exchanged
Current consumption: Phantom powering: P12: 8 mA, P48: 4 mA (automatically switched)
Source impedance: 90 Ohms
Length of the microphone: 58 mm
Diameter: 20 mm
Weight (without cable): ca. 110 (with windscreen)
Price: $3,132.00
Also available HS 2S (uses a CCM 2 Lg in place of the CCM 4 VXS Lg): $2,739.00


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