As prepared for the 111th AES Convention in New York, September 2001

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We thank you for coming and for your interest.

May I present myself to you: My name is Ulrich Schoeps, since 21 years I am active in the company Schoeps Schalltechnik and since 15 years I am the company's Managing Director. Moreover, since quite a long time I consider Jerry Bruck a friend of mine.

The reason for this meeting is to announce officially that, with effect from the first of January of this year, the right to import our products into the United States has been transferred from our long-established importer Posthorn Recordings - Mr. Jerry Bruck - to Redding Audio - Mr. Buzz Turner.

Quite often in the past other companies of considerable economic potential had introduced themselves to me in order to apply for the right to import Schoeps products into the United States of America. I have always refused. Not only Jerry's success regarding the sales of our products was too great, too great was also his importance for the audio branch in the United States, his competence for the use of our products, his personal integrity as well as the meaning of his friendship to me.

It was Jerry who had brought Buzz Turner of Redding Audio and me together and he had introduced Mr. Buzz Turner to me as his well-reputed business partner and his possible successor.

After long negotiations between the three parties we have now found a solution in mutual agreement and friendship.

The importer of Schoeps products in the United States of America is Redding Audio, Mr. Buzz Turner. Mr. Jerry Bruck continues to be linked with the Schoeps company as an important dealer, as ambassador of our company's philosophy as well as our fiercest critic and thus as a guarantor of reasonable development and lasting quality.

It is up to me to thank Jerry for more than 25 years of fidelity towards our company and for his readiness to cooperate in these times of change.In recognition of Jerry's merits I have arranged for a medal of honor to be made, a microphone array that he had sold very often, with a particular surface finish, mounted on a plate with a dedication. This present is quite special since the microphone is an active one. Knowing Jerry's resources and his wealth of ideas, I start from the premise that he will find special cases of application for this tool, too.

Jerry, I thank you for 26 years of commitment, for your readiness to cooperate, and for your friendship.



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