302 Compact Production Mixer
302 Compact Production Mixer

Developed specifically for audio-for-picture applications, the 302 mixer is the perfect tool for production companies and camera operators wanting to take control of their audio. The 302 is stunning for its size, flexibility, control and performance; it is the most compact and cost-effective battery-powered professional audio mixer in its class.

With important features to accommodate nearly any over-the-shoulder production, the 302 interfaces with wireless transmitters and receivers, camera audio inputs of all kinds, and external audio recorders. Its microphone inputs share the same superb circuitry of all Sound Devices field production tools.

Like the larger 442 Field Mixer, the 302 has a complete feature-set in a compact, functional design. All controls are accessible on its three main surfaces; there are no hidden controls. The high-efficiency power circuitry runs the mixer from either three internal AA batteries or external 5-18 VDC.



  • Lundahl transformer-balanced mic or line level inputs on XLR connectors
  • Continuously adjustable input trim
  • Two-position high-pass filter
  • Pan Switches
  • Limiters on inputs and outputs
  • Stereo and MS linking of channel 1 and 2
  • Phantom (48 V or 12 V ) or "T" microphone powering selected per channel
  • Solo (PFL) channel monitoring in headphones
  • Peak limiters per channel
  • Tape level output on TA3 locking connectors
  • Active-balanced line/tape/mic level outputs on XLR connectors
  • Stereo tape level output on TA3 connector
  • Return input for monitoring
  • Channel 4/5 input option
  • Sunlight-viewable LED meters with proprietary software selected ballistics
  • On-board MS stereo matrix
  • Push pots for setup features to keep the front panel clutter-free
  • Durable extruded aluminum chassis
  • Weight less than 1 kg with batteries
  • Powered by three AA batteries or external 5 - 18 VDC
Controls, Indicators and Connectors
Front Panel
  • Coarse channel gain (trim) control
  • Channel fader
  • Two-position high-pass filter switch
  • Channel limiter activity LED
  • Channel peak activity LED
  • Pan switch, left, center, right
  • Limiter activation switch, dual-mono or stereo link
  • 40-segment tri-color LED output meter
  • Headphone volume control
  • Headphone output selection control
  • Power LED shows green on power; flashes when power is low
  • Power switch selects internal AA-batteries or external DC
  • Meter illumination brightness switch
  • Meter ballistics toggle switch
  • Battery check switch
  • Slate mic / tone oscillator switch
Input Panel
  • Transformer-balanced mic/line XLR input
  • Mic / line input sensitivity switch
  • Phantom, dynamic, or T powering switch
  • 48 V or 12 V global phantom voltage
  • 3.5 mm TRS headphone output connector
Output Panel
  • Active-balanced line level ouput (user adjustable to mic or attenuated levels)
  • Tape Out / Mix Out connection on TA3 connector - duplicate of program audio
  • Monitor return input on 3.5 mm TRS unbalanced input (also functions as input 4/5 connector)
  • Monitor return input level (also functions as input 4/5 level control)
  • Mix In connection input to link a MixPre, 442, or another 302
  • Input 4/5 enable LED indicates that Monitor return functions as inputs 4/5
  • Ouput Attenuation LED indicates that XLR output level attenuated from Line level
  • Battery tube - holds 3 AA batteries
  • External DC input for 5 - 17 VDC
Price: $1,698.00


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