The MixPre from Sound Devices is a studio-quality two-channel, portable, stereo microphone preamplifier/mixer. With its pan switches, built in slate microphone, 1 kHz tone oscillator, and headphone monitoring, the MixPre is a flexible, portable mixer. The MixPre has impressive audio performance and comprehensive features, making it ideal for the front end of any studio or field production system. Radio, television, and film production engineers value the compact size and ability to withstand extremes in the field. The MixPre combines rugged mechanical and electrical construction, compact size, and high-quality components. The MixPre allows no-compromise performance for any application.


High Performance Microphone Inputs
  • Maximum of 66 dB of gain per input
  • Premium Lundahl input transformers provide superior sonic quality and freedom from interference problems
  • Sealed, conductive plastic potentiometers for long-life, reliable gain adjustment
  • Phantom power, selectable between 48-volts and 15-volts.
  • High-pass filters with 80 or 160 Hz corner frequencies, 6 dB per octave - filters are inserted prior to any active circuitry for extra high headroom
  • Input panning to left, center, or right outputs
Audio Performance
  • Dynamic range exceeding 110 dB
  • 10 Hz to 50 kHz audio bandwidth
  • Exceptionally low distortion characteristics
  • Discrete 6-transistor balanced output drivers provide robust drive for long cable runs

Headphone Monitoring

  • High current headphone monitor circuit enables monitoring of program audio or external stereo tape return audio
  • Headphone level control and peak-indicator

Signal Metering

  • Seven-segment, sunlight-readable GaN LED output levelmeters
  • Three position LED brightness switch
  • Two-color LED's per input channel indicate clipping and limiter activity

Audio Limiters

  • "Unclippable" input peak limiters via two-stage opto-isolator circuit with adjustable limiter threshold (per input)
  • Dual mono or linked stereo limiter operation

Flexible Powering

  • Internal battery-power from two AA batteries with easy access battery compartment
  • Chassis-isolated 5 to 14 VDC input for easy external DC powering
  • Power LED indicates low battery power

Trouble Free Design

  • High strength, extruded aluminum chassis with protective metal end panels withstands punishing field conditions
  • All-metal connectors solidly mounted to the chassis for durability and RF immunity
  • Free from "Pin 1" grounding problems
  • RF filtering on all inputs and outputs


Gain: (serial numbers 0501_ and 0502_)
Mic Input to Output, per channel, continuously variable


Phantom Power

Gain Range



off Ð 66 dB



off Ð 56 dB



off Ð 56 dB



off Ð 46 dB

Gain: (serial number 0503_ or greater)
Mic Input to Output, per channel, continuously variable


Gain Range


off Ð 66 dB


off Ð 56 dB

Frequency Response:
20 Hz - 30 kHz, +0.1, -0.5 dB; -1 dB at 5 Hz, 50 kHz (relative to 1 kHz level with 150 Ohm source, gain controls set at 50%)

Equivalent Input Noise:
-126 dBu (-128 dBV) minimum (150 Ohm source, flat weighting, 22 - 22 kHz bandwidth, gain control set at 50% or higher, phantom power off)

Input Clipping Level:
-10 dBu minimum, phantom off; 0 dBu minimum, phantom on (s/n 0501_ and 0502_)
-10 dBu minimum (s/n 0503_ or greater)

Output Clipping Level:

+22 dBu minimum with 100k Ohm load, +20 dBu minimum with 600 Ohm load

+11 dBu (2.75 V RMS) minimum with 100k Ohm load

Dynamic Range:
110 dB minimum

THD + Noise:
0.05% maximum (from 60 Hz to 22 kHz @ +4 dBu output level, 22 Hz - 22 kHz filter bandwidth, gain control at 50%, phantom off)

Common Mode Rejection Ratio:
100 dB minimum at 80 Hz, 60 dB minimum at 10 kHz

Channel Separation:
Greater than 80 dB at 1 kHz (gain controls set to 50%)

Transformer-balanced, 2k Ohm input impedance


Active, impedance-balanced, 120 Ohm output impedance

Tape (3.5 mm)
Unbalanced, tip-left, ring-right, sleeve-ground, 2.4k Ohm output impedance

High Pass Filters:
80 Hz or 160 Hz (switch selectable), 6 dB per octave

Phantom Power:
15 V through 680 Ohm resistors or 48 V through 6.8k resistors (switch selectable)

Thresholds independently adjustable from -10 dBu to +18 dBu, 10:1 limiting ratio, 5 mS attack time, 100 mS release time, Amber/Red LED indicates limiting/clipping, Dual mono or stereo linked

Internal Voltage Rails:
+15 V and -15 V, regulated

Seven segment GaN (Gallium Nitride) LED meter with three intensities, peak responding


2 AA alkaline batteries, 6 hours life typical with +4 dBu signal into 600 Ohms, no phantom power

5 - 14 VDC via threaded coaxial connector (5.5 mm outer diameter, 2.1 mm inner diameter), pin positive, sleeve negative, voltages above 14 VDC cause no damage to unit, but will open an internal poly fuse. Poly fuse will reset when voltage is removed.

Power LED:
Green indicates power and good battery. Red indicates power and low battery. LED turns red when approximately 1 hour of battery life remain (with phantom power off). Green with external DC power.

All inputs to all outputs, non-inverting. Pin 2 of XLRs "hot" to unbalanced inputs and outputs.

Operating Temperature Range:
0 to 70 degrees C, 32 to 160 degrees F

43 mm x 94 mm x 140 mm (h x w x d), (1.7" x 3.7" x 5.5")

Weight (unit only):
0.8 kg, 2.0 lbs.

Weight (packaged):
1.2 kg, 3.0 lbs.

Meets FCC Part 15 Class B, Eligible to bear CE mark


MixPre Inputs
Input Panel

MixPre Outputs
Output Panel

Price $665.00

For a .pdf version of the MixPre User Guide, see the Sound Devices Product Index.
For technical notes on this product, see the Sound Devices Technical Notes page.


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