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Production case with high-quality strap for use with 302, 7-Series recorders and MixPre; NP-type battery compartment and accessory pouch for wireless; by CamRade for Sound Devices.

Price: $165.00

The CS-5 is a high-quality production case for the Sound Devices 552 Field Mixer, 788T Recorder, or 788T with CL-8 Controller. Designed and built for Sound Devices by Camrade, the CS-5 has a mixer/recorder compartment plus an integrated accessory compartment sized for wireless transmitters, receivers, portable mixers, and recorders. The lower compartment is suitable for an NP-type battery. On the bottom of the bag there is a convenient hook and loop trap door that provides easy access to 552 and 788T removable media. The CS-5 can be used over the shoulder with the included leather shoulder strap and can connect to third-party accessory cases. Additionally, the Sound Devices CS-W can be attached to the CS-5 for larger production applications.

Price: $258.00
New! CS-688

Production case for 688 and 664, made of 1000-denier Cordura® nylon with a rigid plastic frame. Holds mixer, CL-6 and SL-6 simultaneously. Includes Suede Shoulder Strap and Rainhood. Made by PortaBrace for Sound Devices.

Price: $369.00
CS-W -- Discontinued

Wireless accessory case, for use with the CS-4 Production Case for the 442 Field Mixer. Made by Camrade for Sound Devices.

Price: Inquire for Pricing


Convienent, padded carry/storage case with handles; fits MM-1, MP-1, HX-3, 302, and 7-Series; handy to store wallets, keys and mobile phones; handcrafted in China.

Price: $15.00
PIX-CADDY 2.5" SSD drive caddy for PIX-220 and PIX-240 Portable Video Recorders; FW 800, USB 3.0 and eSATAp connections for data transfer. Discontiued - Inquire for Price
PIX-CADDY2 2.5" SSD drive caddy for the 970 Audio Recorder/Player. FW800 USB 3.0 and eSATAp connections. $164.00
PIX-ARM Articulating arm for mounting PIX-220 and PIX-240 Portable Video Recorders to camera; central knob locks all joints; one 1/4" and one 3/8" screw connection. $215.00
PIX-HOOD Sun shield for PIX-220 and PIX-240; magnetic connection; 5.75" L x 4.25" H x 2.75" D (14.6 x 10.8 x 7.0 cm) $39.00
PIX-256SSD 256GB SSD for use with PIX-220 and PIX-240 HD Video Field Recorders. $630.00
XL-ESATA eSATAp cable; 36 inches. $46.00
XL-WPH3 AC to DC Power Supply (in-line) 100-240V 50/60 Hz input, 12 VDC 3.75A output, Hirose 4-pin DC plug. Supplied with 3-pin IEC cord for use in North America and Japan. $102.00
XL-B3 Lithium Ion 7.2 V, 6600 mAh battery for use with PIX-BMT, Sony L-compatible mount. $98.00
XL-CHARGE Two-battery charger for Sony L-compatible Li-ion batteries; 100/240 VDC input and 1.7 A output, CE approved. Discontiued - Inquire for Price
XL-H4 Power adapter cable, 4-pin XLR-F to 4-pin Hirose; 6 inches. $65.00
XL-H 4-pin Hirose connector for mating with the DC power input PIX-220 and PIX-240 Video Recorders $23.00
XL-AB Anton-Bauer Power Tap to 4-pin Hirose power cable; 24 inches. $78.00
XL-5 Audio breakout cable, 5-pin XLR-F to two x 3 pin XLR-M; 24 inches. $74.00
XL-LL LEMO-5 to LEMO-5 time code cable, time code equipped 7-Series recorders to Ambient Lockit, Slate, or Masterclock, coiled cable, 20-inch coiled, 55-inch full extension. $93.00
XL-LX LEMO-5 to XLR-M and XLR-F for time code input and output, 25-inch to XLR-M, 14-inch to XLR-F. $93.00
XL-BNC BNC to BNC for SDI, time code, genlock, or work clock and AES3id interconnection, 24-inch. $30.00
XL-LB2 LEMO-5 to BNC-in and BNC-out for time code to camera jamming, 60-inch. $119.00
XL-SATA (for 722 and 744T recorders)

Sound Devices now offers the XL-SATA Drive Interface accessory for the 722 and 744T models originally equipped with a PATA / IDE hard drives. The XL-SATA contains current production hardware with instructions for replacement of the original PATA interface, allowing the use of readily available SATA hard drives.

SATA Drive Interface provides an internal connection to 2.5-inch SATA (Serial ATA) hard drives for 722 and 744T models originally equipped with PATA / IDE internal hard drives. Drive not included.
Price: $98.00
CL-1 Keyboard Interface

Interface for connecting external keyboards to Sound Devices 7-Series recorders (702, 702T, 722, 744T). Also includes programmable toggle switch for remorte roll functions, status LEDs, and hard wire contact closures for custom wiring. Connects via C-link port on these recorders.

Price: $325.00

CL-2 Boom Pole Remote Fader (for 788T and 788T-SSD)

The CL-2 Remote Fader adds a remote level control to any 788T input with its 30mm linear fader. It can be programmed to control any input or track on the 788T. Additionally the CL-2 is designed with two programmable, two-position switches on each side of the unit making it suitable for both left- and right-handed use. The switches can be programmed to operate functions on the 788T such as recording start and stop. The CL-2 is powered by the C.Link port on the 788T recorder. Firmware revision 1.75 or higher is required for operation.

Price: $325.00

Portable Controller for Sound Devices 788T recorder for over the shoulder and cart applications. Use of the CL-8 with the 788T provides convenient contorl of: pre or post fader gain, input routing, high-pass filter, input limiters, polarity inversion, input solo, and slate mic. Connects to the 788T via USB.

Price : $985.00


Linear Fader Controller for the 788T Digital Recorder. Control for eight inputs include; 100mm linear faders, rotary trim control, adjustable single band parametric eq, and pan control. Rotary level controls for L, R, Aux 1, and Aux 2 Tracks; level controls per output, Soloing per inputs, tracks, and outputs; 2 communciation return.

Price: $2,250.00


External slot-loading DVD-RAM drive in a bus-powered FireWire and USB enclosure. 5X writing. For use with 7-Series recorders for live recording, copying, and playback applications. Powered by FireWire bus (XL-1394 is required) or included external AC supply.

Price: $245.00

Power conditioner for live recording when using 7-Series recorders to buss-power external data drives.

Price: $80.00

TA3-F to TA3-F link cable for 442/302 to 442/302 linking; 6-inch; 442-specific.
Price: $27.00
TA5-F to TA5-F cable for 552 mixer linking; 12 inch.
Price: $65.00
TA3-F to TA5-F cable for 442/302 Mix Out to 552 Link I/O; 12 inch.
Price: $65.00
3.5mm to TA5-F link cable for MixPre Tape Output to 552 Link I/O; 18 inch.
Price: $65.00
TA3-F to XLR-M cables; connects balanced TA3 to XLR inputs; package of two 15-inch cables.
Price: $51.00
XLR-3M to TA3-F, connects balanced XLR outputs to balanced TA3 inputs; package of two 15-inch cables.
Price: $53.00
3.5 mm to TA3-F link cable for MixPre/MP-2 Tape Output to 442/302 Mix In; 12-inch.
Price: $26.00
Bag of four (4) TA3-F (type) connectors.
Price: $25.00
TA3-F to 3.5-mm jack for use with 302; 12-inch; to connect unbalanced, stereo TA3 tape out connection to unbalanced stereo 3.5-mm inputs.
Price: $26.00
Hirose 10-pin to two-XLR (balanced L/R) and 3.5 mm plug (442/552 Stereo Return A) breakout cable, 24-inch; includes in-line 20-foot extension cable; for 442/552 mixers.
Price: $199.00
3.5 mm male TRS to 1/4-inch female TRS jack for headphone extension, 12-inch. Perfect for the 302 and 7-Series recorders.
Price: $16.00
788T-specific breakout cable for the DE-15 Multi-pin Connector. Breakout connections include: four female XLR connectors for AES inputs 1-8, XLR male connector for AES Output 5-6, a 4-pin Hirose female connector accepts 10-18 VDC input and a lead for logic In and Out.

Price: $150.00

BNC-to-BNC cable for digital connection of AES3id and word clock signals; 25-inch.
Price: $24.00
For jamming time code recorder from camera or camera from recorder. 5-pin Lemo with I/O 30" cables with BNC connectors
Price: $96.00
LEMO®-5 to-LEMO®-5 coiled-cable for time code interconnection of multiple 744Ts or to Ambient Time Code products and Aaton cameras; 24-inch coiled; 55-inch full extension
Price: $75.00
LEMO®-5 to XLR-M and XLR-F cable for time code jamming of audio and video equipment with XLR connectors; for SMTPE time code; 25-inch to XLR-M, 14-inch to XLR-F
Price: $75.00
RJ-12 to RJ-12 for C. Link to C. Link 702, 702T, 722, and 744T recorder linking, 12-inch.
Price: $16.00
Power conditioner for use when powering bus powered external data drives with 702, 702T, 722, and 744T recorders. Recommended only for real time recording to external drives.
Price: $80.00
Spare Li-ion battery pack for 7-Series portable recorders. Compatible with Sony L-Series camcorder mount. 7.2 V, 4400 mAh
Price: $65.00
Coaxial power connector, raw; for mating with DC input on MM-1, HX-3 (also early model 442 and MixPre)
Price: $9.00
Bare Hirose HR10-7P-4P connector to mate with late model MixPre, 442, and 302 DC inputs.
Price: $18.00
NP-type battery cup with 12-inch cable terminated in Hirose 4-pin locking DC connector (HR10-7P-4P) at equipment end. For use with MixPre (S/N >0506) and 442 (S/N >0303).
Price: $62.00
AC-to-DC power supply (in-line) 100-240 V 50/60 Hz input., 12VDC 3.74A output, coaxial DC plug.Supplied with 3-pin IEC cord for use in N orth America and Japan.
Price: $62.00
AC-to-DC power supply (in-line) 100-240 V 50/60 Hz input, 12VDC 3.75A output. Hirose 4-pin DC plug. Supplied with 3-pin IEC cord for use in North America and Japan.
Price: $78.00
Knob accessory kit for 442. Replaces the fader knobs with visual and tactile position-indicating knobs. Kit of four, 2-black 2-gray. Includes colored inserts. 442-specific.
Price: $48.00
Protective clear Lexan LCD cover for 7-Series Digital Recorders. Protects the LCD glass from scratches and water. Kit of four covers
Price: $25.00

SATA Drive Interface provides an internal connection to 2.5-inch SATA (Serial ATA) hard drives for 722 and 744T models originally equipped with PATA/IDE internal hard drives. Drive not included.

Price: $98.00


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