MM-1 Mic Preamp
MM-1 Microphone Preamplifier with Headphone Monitoring

Sound Devices MM-1 is a single channel of our highly praised microphone preamplifier circuitry with a flexible headphone monitoring function.

The full- featured, transformer-balanced microphone preamp uses high-quality parts and a bi-polar ±15 volt power supply to produce low-noise, low-distortion gain at all switch positions. Its dual-stage limiter and high-pass filter prevent occasional signal extremes from overloading down-stream equipment. Flexible microphone powering can power phantom powered microphones at 48 volts or 12 volts and 12 volt "T" power.

The MM-1 is at home in a range of applications - high-definition television production, corporate/industrial environments, radio/television announce booths, and music production. With its headphone monitoring function the MM-1 is an advantage in applications where communications channels or mix-minus feeds need to be monitored in headphones. The user can monitor both microphone audio and external audio sources in headphones with level control.

The MM-1 is designed to be durable. Its extruded aluminum chassis, oversized end panels, machined knobs, and panel mounted connectors assure reliable mechanical operation.



High Performance Microphone Preamplifier
  • Maximum of 66 dB of gain, in eleven discrete steps for accurate, repeatable gain settings
  • Dynamic range exceeding 120 dB
  • 10 Hz to 50 kHz audio bandwidth
  • High immunity to RF interference due to transformers, RF filtering, and all-metal construction
  • High current line output driver capable of driving very long cable runs
  • Premium input transformer with superior sonic quality and freedom from interference problems.
  • Extended range peak limiter via dual opto-isolators makes preamplifier virtually "unclippable"
  • Selectable 48-volt / 12-volt phantom power or 12-volt ÒT powerÓ for condenser microphones
  • High-pass filter with two selectable corner frequencies, 80 and 160 Hz, 6 dB per octave
Headphone Monitoring
  • Headphone monitoring of microphone audio, monitor audio, or a mix of both
  • Monitor input accepts mono, balanced or unbalanced line-level inputs on 1/4-inch tip-ring-sleeve connector
  • Separate level control of Monitor gain and overal headphone gain
  • Split ear function via DIP switches
  • Internal battery power (two-AA) for convenient, low cost power.
  • Excellent battery life with Alkaline and NiMH rechargeable batteries.
  • External 5-17 VDC powering (plug included).
Durable Mechanical Construction
  • High strength aluminum chassis withstands punishing field conditions
  • Panel-mounted connectors for strength and reliability
  • Easy access battery compartment for quick battery changes
  • Durable belt clip for easy mounting
Price: $559.00


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