9V lithium battery tester*
Computes state of charge and battery condition - quickly and easily identify weak or failing batteries

Simple operation - test results in seconds

Measures battery performance under load - not just voltage or internal resistance

Ideal for battery management - reduces cost and increases reliability

Other ZTS Multi-Battery Testers™ provide a comprehensive means of testing the state of charge and battery condition for many popular battery types, including alkaline, lithium*, silver oxide, NiMH, and Li-Ion. These microprocessor-controlled instruments compute the battery's remaining power capacity using a patented, high-accuracy pulse-load test that measures battery performance under load, not just voltage or internal resistance. The percentage of remaining battery capactiy is indicated on the LED bar display in 20% increments.

*Only the POSTHORN-ZTS model

Mini-MBT9R: Mini '9R' Multi-Battery Tester
(with 9-volt NiMH rechargable battery tester)
Mini-MBT: Mini Multi-Battery Tester
(with 3-volt photo battery tester)
MBT-1: Multi-Battery Tester
Multi-Battery Tester Accessories

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