HS 2S Headset Micophone

• Omnidirectional (HS 2S) microphone attached
• Highest-quality pickup of speech
• Excellent protection from vocal “popping” sounds
•The earpiece on the opposite side can be folded out of the way of the ear.

The headset is delivered as a complete set consisting of:

• the CCM 4VXS Lg Compact Microphone (a cardioid designed for extremely close pickup of speech) or the CCM 2S Lg (omni); both have a matte gray surface finish
• the HBL, a connecting rod for the microphone with a fixed-angle suspension
• a foam pop screen B 5
• a pair of closed stereo headphones

The HCCM 4VXS Lg was developed in cooperation with the sound engineers of a TV station who sought the highest possible quality of sound even under the extreme conditions of Formula 1 motor races.

A closed type of headphone was chosen to shield the wearer from surrounding noise; it was also chosen so that its size would accommodate the microphone.

The microphone of the HS 4VXS offers a strong bass rolloff and a mild high-frequency boost. It is designed for lateral sound pickup at the shortest possible distance, i.e. directly in front of the speaker’s mouth. Proximity effect compensates for its low-frequency rolloff such that the microphone has an even frequency response for the person speaking, while background noise encounters the full response rolloff and is greatly reduced.

The microphone should be protected from vocal “popping” noises by the use of a small, simple foam windscreen such as the B 5; this is also recommended for hygienic reasons.

Since the cable between the microphone and the headset (KHS LI) is subjected to increased stress, it can easily be exchanged if necessary.

In place of the cardioid microphone, an omnidirectional microphone such as the CCM 2S Lg can be used; the result (model HS 2S) would have lower sensitivity to popping and handling noise.

For standard cable lengths and connectors, see illustration.
Other connectors (supplied by the customer) can be installed at no extra charge if requested when ordering.

Price: HS 2S $2,490.00


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